About Contemporary Metals

To be ahead of the trends, you need the latest materials, the newest technology, and the hottest designs. Edward Mirell is dedicated to taking contemporary metals to the edge of fashion and mining the unique capabilities of Titanium, Black Titanium, CobaBlu™ Cobalt, Timoku, Nouveau Braid - Stainless Steel, and patented Sterling Silver made with a proprietary alloy.

Gray Titanium

Commercially pure gray titanium was the first new element in 3,000 years to be successfully accepted by the traditional jewelry world. This element is not only hypoallergenic, it is extraordinarily biocompatible. In many cases it is the only metallic solution for consumers who are sensitive to conventional jewelry materials. Titanium's biocompatibility makes it the metal of choice in the medical industry. It is a component for the artificial heart, a variety of medical & dental implants and has a broad variety of other applications.

  • Edward Mirell designs are created with titanium certified with a purity exceeding 99%.
  • This element is not only hypoallergenic, it is extraordinarily biocompatible. In many cases it is the only metallic solution for consumers that are sensitive to conventional jewelry materials. Titanium’s biocompatibility makes it the metal of choice in the medical industry as a component for the artificial heart, joint replacement parts and various other applications.
  • It is corrosion and scratch resistant and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any known element.

Black Ti™

Black titanium was created through extensive research and development in blending titanium with other strategic elements. It was Spectore’s experience that allowed its emersion into the dynamic aerospace arena and the opportunity to work in a collaborative framework with the metallurgists to create this and other unique material and processing formulations

  • Each piece in Edward Mirell’s Black Ti™ collections possesses the same benefit to the consumer as gray titanium. However, it provides a rich, clean and distinctive black look to the metal that will not chip away and is not an “applied” coating.
  • Black Ti™ is a proprietary alloy that miraculously experiences an atomic transformation at the molecular level to become as hard ceramic. The titanium turns black from the outside in by exposing the element to extreme heat.
  • The severe hard attribute created through this unique and exciting process yields a supremely scratch resistant surface in Black Ti™ pieces.
  • Black Ti™ is very amenable to hot or warm forging. It exhibits super plasticity at about 732°C making it possible to accurately produce sharp corners, indentations, and other details.


One of the crowning elements used in the Edward Mirell collection is Timoku™.

  • The name was derived by combining the term Mokume Gane and the atomic symbol for titanium, Ti. Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique that when translated means “wood-grain metal.”
  • Timoku™ design symbolizes the joining of two souls into a single integrated creation, far greater in strength than its components, yet still preserving the essence of individuality. During the Samurai Era, Mokume Gane was used to create adornments on the handles of the Samurai’s sword. These marks were considered to be symbols of status and wealth.
  • Today the technique is used to create contemporary art and jewelry. The process involves layering thin sheets of black and gray titanium and? xposing them to extreme heat and pressure which causes the layers to fuse rather than melt together.
  • The end result is a unique and distinctive layered pattern in the metal that mimics the grains on wood.
  • It is a representation of the harmony of nature as embodied in wood, while having the strength and polish of metal.

Black Memory Cable

Edward Mirell also proudly incorporates Black Titanium Cable into its creations.

  • It is considered a memory alloy, as it maintains a predetermined profile under severe abuse. It is for this reason that titanium memory cable is widely used in medical and optical industries.
  • The cable is made with 74 strands of titanium wire that, to touch, possess a soft and silk-like feel.
  • There are many casted and low-grade reproductions, but few, if any, deliver the same look, versatility and quality as the Black Titanium Memory Cable used in the Edward Mirell collections.

CobaBlu™ Cobalt

This unique patented CobaBluTM Cobalt alloy was developed initially for medical applications where excessive friction necessitated the use of extremely hard, high strength, highly dense materials. This rare combination of attributes allows producers to transform this unusual Cobalt alloy into an extremely wear resistance mirror like polish. Typically this material is used extensively in prosthetics. In jewelry the luster and vibrancy of CobaBluTM Cobalt presents the look and feel of struck, forged, and finely polished platinum that will last.

  • Biocompatible.
  • Does not tarnish or discolor.
  • Extremely hard and highly dense.
  • Virtually scratch resistant.
  • Has the look of struck, forged and highly polished platinum.

Pure Titanium


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biocompatible
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Highest strength to weight ratio of any known element

Corrosion Resistance

The outstanding mechanical and physical properties of titanium, combined with its unexpected corrosion resistance in many environments, Pure Titanium is impervious to common chemicals and may be worn during daily activities.

Palladium stabilized titanium possesses all the corrosion resistance of C.P.-Ti and is essentially immune to pitting or crevice corrosion.

Applications & Physical Properties

In addition to Titanium’s excellent characteristics in biomechanical applications such as prosthetic devices, it has distinct advantages in other areas of high impact parts where weight, strength, and wear resistance are essential. Titanium is the favored material for use in aerospace, marine, sporting goods, automotive, protective encasements, and a variety of other industrial applications.



Contemporary metals jewelry sould be cared for in the same manner as all fine items. Clean with warm water and a non-abrasive soap or cleaner and dry completely.


Most contemporary metals jewelry may be engraved by laser or traditional engraving tools. Consult with a professional jeweler for best required method.

Sizing Rings

An exclusive Lifetime Sizing Program assures continued comfort and enjoyment along with enduring styling and quality craftsmanship.