The Code of Valor.

Life is to be measured in seconds not hours...
The Warrior Collection speaks to those with the courage to step into life's battlefield... Fearlessness, Strength, and Fortitude.
Fearless, Strong, and Courageous.

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A Symphony of Light.

Look upon the magic of a rainbow, the majesty of an Aurora, or the beauty captured in a peacock's feather to realize nature's creation of luminescent color. The Través collection emits an exhilarating array of color embodying the unique beauty of pure light.

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Ordinary Miracles

A Tribute to life's miraculous moments.

Each design of the Ordinary Miracles collection is inspired by life's magical moments... Those daily miracles suspended in time, then captured in a moment of realization.

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Elegant Simplicity.

In tune with the time, the Contemporary collection is inspired by sublime elegance in motion...
The modern woman who expresses verssatility while defining her ever-evolving style.
Own the day and steal the night...

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Regal Elegance.

The Victorian collection captures the regal style and fashion of an era immersed in artistry. Never entertaining the thought of compromise, the hearts and hands of skilled craftsmen are guided by an unrelenting passion for perfection resulting in timeless beauty.

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